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Welcome Montgomery, Berks, Delaware, Chester, and Lehigh County organizational leaders to the leading company for technology management, security, and support!

STCNtech is an award winning managed security services provider that specializes in creating network security and operations.

The Network and Data Security Experts who understand your needs!

Did you know that there are over 3,000,000,000 data records exposed annually via data breaches?

Did you know that there are more than 4,000 reported data breaches each year?

Did you know that the average cost to remediate each record (of those 3,000,000,000 data records) is $275.

Did you know that the above data does not include ransomware data?

Did you know that the top three reasons data is breached are:
1. Employee negligence/anger
2. External threats (hacking, Phishing)
3. Unattended external contractors.

Did you know that 63% of small offices do not have a business continuity plan that includes data/IT operations as a core feature? Do you know how much it will cost to get your office or hotel up and and running again? Are you one of them?

The experts at STCNtech are CompTIA Security+ and Network+ trained, COSN CETL certifid, as well as Certified Ethical Hackers, and can help secure your critical data from all these threats -- and future proof your environment. These experts have worked with dozens of offices and hotels in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Florida over the past twenty years to secure data, remediate infections, build disaster recovery and business continuity plans, and improve network operations! Need better, secure wifi or to support remote workers? Ask us...

We have helped institutions just like yours secure and improve their Office 365/M365, Google Workspace for Business, internal network operations, wireless network operations, student information systems, and more in a wholistic manner that balances the need for security, with simplicity of daily use that is accessible to every worker with reliable results.

Remember - once your data is breached, there is no getting it backā€¦ our methods and plans include analysis, planning, and execution that includes your data, your network, and training for everyone in your institution.

Don't become a victim to hackers, phishers, and other bad actors -- contact the experts at STCNtech and let us help you design a plan to identify, mitigate, and build a true business continuity solution that is as close to a 0% downtime solution in any situation!

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